[lbg_audio4_html5_shoutcast settings_id=’4′]

The player above is 720 pxls wide, but is supposed to be responsive. Can adjust the initial width to whatever. Can use in a sidebar also. Just a shortcode.

This one has both stations, and I went to the url of the shoutcast and icecast streams and clicked on the mpu and got that whole thing too for a test. Didn’t make any difference. The ‘help’ section at the bottom of the link inside the WordPress back office has all the data that the URL inside the help folder has.

I thought that it would show recently played, but it doesn’t. Maybe this whole ‘recently played’ thing is what crashed the servers at Brownrice. I didn’t see any plugins that did it except the one that caused the problems.

Good luck making it play… I just don’t understand what to do differently.